Benefits of Home

Water Filtration

Better for your health and well-being.

Filtered water doesn’t just taste better, it feels better.

At Home Water Filtration we believe that every Aussie family should be able to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of clean, pure water at home.

Explore the many benefits a whole Home Water Filtration system can have for you and your family.


  • Better for your health
  • Better for your well-being
  • Better for our planet

Better for your health

We strongly believe that good health starts within the gut. Your gut health is key for your body to function properly, so it goes without saying that looking after it is crucial

Filtered water is the easiest and fastest way to do so.

Our water filtration system removes all nasty chemicals from your water while leaving the good stuff in, like essential minerals

We can remove nearly 99% of chlorine

Better for your well-being

you can now enjoy the benefits of filtered water
on your body immediately..

As a result, you won’t have to reach for oils or conditioners or moisturisers as much

you can enjoy softer hair, smoother skin, stronger nails and longer-lasting hair colour and so much more

Better for our planet

Want to help protect our planet, but not sure how?
Getting filtered water at home is a great
way to make a massive difference

Make a positive impact

you no longer have to rely on harsh cleaning products which damage our

waterways and soil.

you no longer have to rely on harsh cleaning products which damage our waterways and soil.

Want to help protect our planet, but not sure how?

Aussies buy 15 billion plastic bottles every year of which the majority end up in our oceans and land. Pollution is steadily increasing and plastic waste is amongst the worst for our planet. Worse, did you know it takes about 5x more water to produce a single-use plastic bottle than what’s actually inside?

Here’s something else that might surprise you.

Studies have shown that most bottled water lacks vital minerals such as magnesium and calcium. On top of that, it was also found that bottled water often contains higher levels of fluoride and acidity, two chemicals that can affect your teeth and gut health.

Help protect our planet today and feel better with filtered water:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Get all the essential minerals
  • Minimise limescale-build up
  • Save money on cleaning products
  • Protect our waterways and soil
  • Make a positive impact at home

Feel better today with pure and clean water

Delivering you and your family, pets and plants the highest quality water in the comfort of your own home.

Pure water filtration installed

Award-winning Aragon filter.

We can remove nearly 99% of chlorine, heavy metals and their by-products, contaminants and bad bacteria.

Don’t just take our word for it! See what our clients have to say:

Katie Allen
Katie Allen
Sales were not pushy, just matter if fact. Timing of sales and water testing person and communication was excellent. Plumber to install was also on time and easily accommodated our tricky site. Highly recommended for all aspects of job including being Australian and the water tasting so much better!
David Jordan
David Jordan
I found every one was very friendly and helpful and our water is fresh and sweet
Nick Jerez
Nick Jerez
Excellent service, our water tastes so much better now and the peace of mind of not having unwanted chemicals in our lives. The service was great and would recommend it to anyone wanting to have a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.
Rebecca Carey
Rebecca Carey
I got my home water filtration system installed a few weeks ago and I am so happy that I dont have to buy bottled water and lift it out of the car each week anymore. I was interensted mostly to improve the taste of my water however i wasn't expecting the improvement in my hair and nails to be as good as what it is. To say I am impressed is an understatement. Very happy customer and I will be recommending to all my clients and friends.

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