Healthier water for your whole family

Excellent service, our water tastes so much better now and the peace of mind of not having unwanted chemicals in our lives. The service was great and would recommend it to anyone wanting to have a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Nick Jerez 

I found everyone was very friendly and helpful and our water is fresh and sweet.

David Jordan

I got my home water filtration system installed a few weeks ago and I am so happy that I dont have to buy bottled water and lift it out of the car each week anymore.

I was interensted mostly to improve the taste of my water however i wasn’t expecting the improvement in my hair and nails to be as good as what it is. To say I am impressed is an understatement.

Very happy customer and I will be recommending to all my clients and friends.

Rebecca Carey

I hadn’t given much thought to the quality of water that I showered with or drank. I was fortunate to have been approached by Home Water Filtration at a show and given the opportunity to have a home water filtration system installed. My new beaut water is very easy to drink, I am happy that I am no longer absorbing all types of nasties through my skin and a bonus is 50% extra time between hair washes – yay! I found Home Water Filtration provided a streamlined, quick and friendly service.

Madonna Rathborne

Got my install done two weeks ago, and couldn’t praise them more.
Great guys to deal with, definitely notice the difference.

Jordan Van

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